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I had a summer job at night in a bar when I was in college last year. The work was fun and I met nice people and quite enjoyed it, behind the counter. There was always a good atmosphere and the extra money was useful. A special night at the pub began to fill, and I was busy serving and chatting, when a very attractive Swedish girl came and asked for a glass of wine which he drank and talked with me for a while. I could not help noticing that always attracted many admiring glances from some of the regulars. She asked for a drink and sat at a table by the window, looking from time fux to time and I guess they are waiting for some beautiful sexy hunk. I went to the other end of the bar and got caught serving for a time, but when I realized that I was alone and had another drink. They sat idly drumming his fux fingers on the table for the music and had a cheeky grin on his face. I take care of itsaid they had more communication with a sexy older man with gray hair and glasses! I could not stop and see your game to be flirting. He was conscious, and his attention was shining from one ear to fux light blue eyes and his smile was so bad. His mouth was open, clear, however. When her long shapely legs seemed slow to fux open in their direction, while his fingers played up to fux the top half and even more I figured I might have had them all the men in the bar, because most had looked their way at least once. Their sex play and tried to stay at this end of the bar to see how far it was. Again, I could not believe my eyes when I saw him waving his index finger to follow her as she headed the women's bathroom and almost fell off my chair when he tried to fast in his enthusiasm. Laughing, I had more to do ! I looked around and slipped toward the bathrooms behind them. My guess is that some fun wto happen as when fux he crawled down the hallway and opened the door and listened. One of the cabinet doors were closed and I could hear muffled voices. Her heart pounding, I got into the cab next to him and closed the door behind me. As quietly as I could, I went down the toilet lid and the top. Bending and leaning slightly forward I looked through a peephole I discovered when I started working at the bar was. And behold, there were almost naked, and so hot. I had my laugh, which was not easy to remove ! She was wearing a tiny top, the one on her large breasts, which he threw over his head in one motion, and fux two delicious tits bouncing from the deck. The old man still had his pants, a big bump for someone who has revealed his age. I watched fascinated as she touched and moved and grew even more when they put their fingers inside the elastic and pulled down. He got in and had tosuppressed a giggle. ' Mm, what a nice big boy you are,' she whispered hoarsely, as she the foreskin back the outline of his cock with long red nails painted. Then he bent over her pink tongue licking discovered his pre-cum oozing from the tip. She gets up suddenly on the closed toilet seat and sat with her ​​pussy on his face and pulled her pussy lips open and shows a good smooth shaved pussy. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed his face between her legs and bright folds of her pussy and big swollen clit. He licked and sucked her scandalous, and moaning softly undulating in front of fux what fux sounded like a very satisfying multiple orgasm, which seemed to last for centuries. Finally settled on the toilet seat and pulled him towards her. grabbed his cock and slid her delicate fingers up and down the length, when the eyes closed, enjoying their movements. Eventually he moved to the small room and sat in a seatmeetings of the girl and quickly straddled him gently lowered to its length. Carefully, he moved back and forth, up and down, until only the head of his penis touched her outer lips rampant before slipping back on, while with the fingers in the forests of the bony spine. It was obvious she enjoyed as his cock shrank and grew in her as she rocked her hips. She saw his face, when she and her red nipples erect and excited, were huge successes. Biting his lip lush red, the color of your nails and toes, saw an amazing sight as they swayed together to the bathroom, broke through the levees, fux and met. with all the gasps I have my flight and no one seemed to notice my absence in the groin. A few minutes later I saw the girl ran at a speed through the front door and waited for the old man to follow. Serving on the other end of the bar, suddenly heard a bloodcurdling scream of tthe direction of the toilets. Bill ran out and my boss a few minutes later he reappeared with a woman with many problems of middle age. I quickly called and asked me to take care of them whispered that there was a naked man in the ladies room, the dead himself, and found a huge erection ! I'm sure you bright red this news, and take into account and was trying to call an ambulance. fux The Swede was gone and I just knew what had happened, but was confident to say anything. I bet you had a smile on his face, God bless fux him, what a way to go for !
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